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IMPLANT PROTESIS DENTAL SL provides prosthetic solutions with compatible connection for different implant systems. The components manufactured and marketed by IPD SL are fully functional with the aforementioned systems. The mention of the implant system brands or typology is made purely for informative purposes and for proper identification of the appropriate dental implant with which the connection of the components from Implant Protesis Dental 2004 SL is compatible.

We supply the full IPD catalogue of compatible implant prosthetics manufactured in Europe. The Spanish leaders in dental implantology have created a range of innovative products that are compatible with existing implant systems currently in use around the world today.

IPD Products

Browse through IPD's compatibilities on the below to find what you're looking for. We've listed our bestselling components from each major system on the market.
If the item you're looking for isn't listed on our website please refer to the relevant flowchart for that system and send us an inquiry - we'll quickly get back to you with the correct price of anything in the IPD catalogue.