exocad DentalCAD software

The complete software solution for digital dentistry 

Founded in 2010 as a spinoff of the world renowned Fraunhofer Organization, German-based company exocad is a truly independent software provider for the dental CAD/CAM industry. In only six years exocad has become the leading dental CAD/CAM software provider for the OEM market.

Whether you’re an expert in CAD/CAM or a newcomer to the field, exocad dental CAD software is designed with the user in mind. It offers digital precision across a wide variety of indications with an interface that never loses its simplicity, flexibility and ease of use exocad is a reliable professional tool that won’t let you down even if you’re dealing with complex cases in your lab on a regular basis. A program that is easy, intuitive and quick to operate means you can minimise training costs and maximise productivity. 


The standard version of exocad Dental CAD covers:

The possibilities grow with your experience

DentalCAD 3.1 Rijeka

Once you’re familiar with the base functionality of exocad software, you can move on to more advanced use, including:

  • Work with pre-op models and adapt your restorations to them
  • Copy previous designs or mirror healthy teethLoad 2D images during the design
  • Take advantage of the advanced mesh editing and matching features
  • Save real 3D PDF files to send out design previews that can be viewed in 3D using a standard PDF viewer
  • Exchange large 3D data sets

exocad meets specialised needs with add-on modules

If the standard version doesn’t quite give you everything you need from your dental CAD software, then we can supply the following add-on modules to expand the software to meet your advanced requirements:

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