i700W Wireless Intraoral Scanner

Scanning Reimagined


Comfortable Scanning at Any Angle

The super-fast, light, accurate Medit i700 - but now wireless. Being free from wires means you can scan proximal areas effortlessly, without constraints in movement.

Make the transition today and enjoy the Medit experience. 

Beyond i700’s Proven Tech

 * Performance may vary according to usage conditions


Description Category Details
Scanning Technology Scanning frame
Imaging technology
Light source
Anti-fogging technology
Up to 70 FPS
3D-in-motion video technology l 3D full color streaming capture
Adaptive anti-fogging
Accuracy Full-arch
10.9μm ± 0.98
Handpiece Dimensions
313 x 44 x 47.4 mm
328 g (Includes battery and tip)
Tip Tip size
Mirror angle
Scan area

Reversible Tip
22.5 x 17.1 mm
45-degree angle
15 x 13 mm
Autoclave 150 times
121°C 30 mins (Gravity Type)
134°C 4 mins (Pre-Vacuum Type)
135°C 10 mins (​Gravity Type)
Special mode Remote control mode
UV-C disinfection
Cable Length
1.0 m / Handpiece Detachable
USB 3.1 Gen1 (Wireless Hub)
System requirements for USB connection Operating system
USB cable
Windows Vista®, Windows® 7/8/8.1/10 (32 or 64 bit)
 Use the included USB cable
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