Cendres+Métaux Ceramic  Kits

Livento® press and Soprano® 10 
The shades are based on the VITA Classic shade system 
Livento® press 
– Lithium disilicate pressed ceramic 
– The best Weibull module in comparison to the competition1 , this speaks for a high reliability of the material in clinical applications 
– When processing, the fit and colour remain stable so that time-consuming post-processing is no longer necessary 
– High edge stability even with thin tapered edges 
Soprano® 10 
– Silicate glass ceramic 
– For veneering frameworks made of lithium disilicate (Livento® press) as well as zirconium dioxide 
– Opaque Dentine and Dentine are also available in A0 and B0 
– The colour fastness remains stable, even after several firing processes